Wei Xiaobao’s Crisis, Soulless Reports and the FONT related solution

Most PW-Phils users are unable to complete the Wei Xiabao’s Crisis quest simply because of a character spacing problem. This problem is manifested in the answer options presented by Princess Jian Ning. The correct answer when confronting the Princess is the third option. However due to PW-Phils client double-spacing problem brought about by the recent patches, we are unable to read and click the third option. There is no scroll bar either.

Here’s a run through of the Wei Xiaobao’s Crisis quest. You will be able to select this quest from Wei Xiabao once you reach level 60. You also need to complete first the Breaking News quest from the Mission administrator as a prerequisite.

Talk to Wei Xiao Bao (Walking around Dragon City. Most of the time near the Dragon City elder. But there are a lot of instances that Wei can be found in other parts of DC. Just look for him alongside the main road.)
Talk to Princess Jian Ning (558, 700)
Talk to Xuang Er (586, 567)
Items needed 3 Spirit Fox Balsam (Acquired by killing Forest Wasps)
5 Wooden Butterfly
5 Leaves of Origin
Talk to Xuang Er (586, 567)
Talk to Wei Xiao Bao (walking around dragon city)

Again, without correcting the spacing problem we get stuck with Princess Jian Ning. To get pass her you need to click on the third option. To properly display the third option we can replace the existing PW-Phils client’s font with a narrower one. After reducing the length of the first two options via a narrower font, the third option can now be read.

To do that follow these instructions:

  1. Go to the folder where you Perfect World client is installed. This is usually C:Program FilesPerfect World. You can check your shortcut to verify where your PW-Phils client is installed.
  2. Browse the elementdata folder and look for the file pwphil.ttf. This is the font used by the client. You can safely copy this to another location for a backup, and replace it with another narrower font. For example delete pwphil.ttf, copy arial.ttf to the said folder and rename it as pwphil.ttf.
  3. However, you do not need to search far for a font to substitute. Inside the same folder is a font with the filename fzxh1jw.ttf. You can create a second copy of this file and rename it pwphil.ttf after moving the original.

Before replacing anything make sure that your client is not running. After conducting the said changes it should be safe for you to start your client and hopefully complete the Wei Xiaobao Crisis quest.

Soulless Reports

As an added bonus, replacing the default font with the fzxhljw.ttf file will allow you to select a third option in assembling soulless reports into wanted books. Now you can assemble wanted books not only with the option of paying 3000 or 6000 yuan but with the third option, 9000 yuan. The higher the price you pay for assembly the higher the chance of getting a wanted book with higher experience and more rewards.

Three options in assembling soulless reports. Note the third, which require 9000 yuan.

Three options in assembling soulless reports. Note the third, which require 9000 yuan.

Boxes are replaced with Chinese characters

Another added bonus of the font replacement is the replacement of some boxed characters with chinese. An example of this is the boxed quest we received from General Xia Feng after reaching level 70.



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2 responses to “Wei Xiaobao’s Crisis, Soulless Reports and the FONT related solution

  1. bigyan mu nlng aq ng burning divine beast i-mail mo 2 †ChOw†¼ yan
    mail nyu nlng yan kahit burning divine beast lng po ok na aq

  2. pwede po bang ayusin niyo yong quest ko kay wei xiaobow para walang nag rereklamo

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