Boxed Quest from General Xia Feng


A lot of PW-Phils players are posting in the Levelup boards questions regarding the boxed quests you receive from General Xia Feng. Luckilly after changing the PW-Phils font we are able to view these boxed characters in chinese.

Here are the screenshots of the so-called boxed quests now in chinese. Fortunately I have already completed one of the requirements thanks to DoomsDay guild member Claws. One of the places to visit is the coordinate 387 667 in Near Water Town.

The quest was pointed out by the Find Quests button in the Quest dialog window when TatayK reached level 70. The Quest icon is an orange shield similar to Esteem quests. Note however that this is not related to any Esteem quest.

Xin_Min, please translate these screenshots accordingly. 🙂

Boxed Quest from General Xia Feng #1

Boxed Quest from General Xia Feng #1

Boxed Quest from General Xia Feng #2

Boxed Quest from General Xia Feng #2

Boxed Quest from General Xia Feng #2

Boxed Quest from General Xia Feng #3

Boxed Quest from General Xia Feng #4

Boxed Quest from General Xia Feng #4

Hyperboy in a post in the official PW Philippines forum roughly translated the chinese quest guide from the official Wanmei site as follows:

Start at Level 70: Receiving NPC: Zu Long City (Dragon City) General Xia Feng. Level must be higher than 70. Can be completed within level 70 to 80. To complete the picture, go nearby the middle house in the beach. Click on the pop-up prompt to complete. Kill the food corpse monster Zhu (break through the enemy lines plain, coordinate nearby 369.867); Kill the crazy spirit leader (boss, east of wind tribe, nearby hoodoo) obtains the military situation butt. Talk with the Zu Long city adjutant.

From level 80-90: Detection of a pop-up prompt at King-Yu Tripod – nearby the valley entrance; Kill the monster Cow Slaughter nearby the Yunmeng village; Kill the monster Spirit Leader (boss in King-Yu Tripod in northern dry woods); Talk with the Zu Long city adjutant.

From level 90-150 Detection of a pop-up in wind prairie terrain (middle sentry post tower, on the side of the wind tribe chief 311, 781); Kill the Slaughter Soul Bleached Bone (southeast of remnant village, expedites northeast battalion 237, 758).

The post clarified a lot of questions and poses a new series of challenges. Though there are common names of places and mobs, some are yet to be translated. Some say the quest can be completed three times. First when you are between level 70 to 79, next is from 80 to 89, and last when you reach 90. Some also say that the quest is one complete quest started in level 70 and to be finished when are 90 or higher.

Xin_Min’s translation of the screenshots is consistent with the first paragraph.

Still need a lot of research and experiment to illuminate this boxed quest’s solution. Post your experiences and insights.

(Update) As of Moon Valley patch, the boxed quest is now known as the Tradition of the Gods quest. Although the dialogues are still untranslated, the good news is, we can now complete the quest series. Check out the quest guide published by Janelh.



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4 responses to “Boxed Quest from General Xia Feng

  1. 90% sure lang ako ha?.. eheheh…

    1st picture:
    General Xia Feng has problems with Yuan Ling, help the general finish his task…

    2nd picture:
    Find and clarify the areas in “Que Hua Tan”(it’s a place), Kill the spider and the “Kuang Ling”(Corpse or dead body eaters) so that you can know some meassage about Yuan Ling…

    3rd picture:
    The spider is located at “Puo Zhen Ping Yuan”(Place yan ha).

    4th picture:
    The other one you killed earlier the “Kuang Ling” is located at the east portion of “Ji Feng Bu Luo”(Place nanaman..)…

    Heheh… 😉

  2. nice one thanks! i was stuck with this quest.


    tnx tatayK tgal mu ng ndi ol ah

  4. Medyo lang naman, ahahaha!

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