Street Fighter, nope not the movie

Capcom has already released Street Fighter IV for the Playstation and XBOX360 and is shipping arcade box versions to various countries. You can watch a nicely done cinematic and gameplay trailer here. There’s a female C. Viper character shown in the trailer that I don’t remember seeing in older versions of Street Fighter.

There’s a Windows/PC version due to be released by the third quarter of 2009. For those who can’t wait (like me) you can torrent the Playstation version and use an emulator to run the game on Windows.

Street Fighter brings back memories of how game consoles such as the family computer, sega, the super nintendo used to be more popular than desktop PCs. Computer shops during my elementary years were filled with these game consoles and dozens of cartridge titles.

But of course everything changed when Valve released Half-Life exclusively for the PC, and everyone is playing Counterstrike. Haha! I think no PC game title is ever more popular than Counterstrike. Not even Red Alert. Not even Warcraft (well not until the DotA map came


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