Lola Teying

Lola TeyingA few months after Lola Teying’s death six years ago, I made a documentary about Lola’s life story superimposed in the colorful history of Ligao City and of the Bicol Region. On easter sunday, my father ressurected the video by posting it in his YouTube account and broadcasting to his brods, comrades, friends, and our relatives.

Mon Ramirez: Resurrecting a video by Karl on Easter Sunday – I recalled this video and resurrected it 6 years after it was made by my son Karl when I learned this morning about the passing away of my Speech I professor in 1961, Dr. Alejandro Casambre, who is the father of an associate in the NGO, AGHAM… – I have just posted the video in 3 parts to the You Tube at this url:

I’ve already compiled the 3 video parts into a single playlist so you can now click here to watch the documentary.


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