Guild Wars Surpasses Six Million Units Sold

Although an expensive online game to play, Guild Wars is still being played by a lot of Filipino online gamers.

NCsoft and ArenaNet Mark Four-Year Anniversary of Genre-Defining Game with Major Milestone and New Game Content

SEATTLE, Washington – April 24, 2009 – NCsoft®, the world’s premier publisher and developer of massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), and ArenaNet®, a wholly owned subsidiary of NCsoft and the acclaimed developer of Guild Wars®, today announced that on the cusp of its fourth anniversary, the Guild Wars franchise has exceeded six million units sold. Guild Wars is the award-winning and genre-defining series that is one of the most popular and successful online role-playing games in the industry.

Click here to read the rest of NCsoft’s press release.

And click here for IGN’s interview with Guild Wars designer Mike O’Brien on the online game’s 4th anniversary.



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3 responses to “Guild Wars Surpasses Six Million Units Sold

  1. Congratulations to Guild Wars.
    They still have a long way to beat World of Warcraft though. And alot of pleople are playing on private servers too, so…

    I’m a game master on myself.

    – Lora

  2. tatayk

    I’m interested in these private servers myself. Care to share links to some of the fast World of Warcraft and Guild Wars private servers?


    We are going to release a high rate xp realm soon. You can already start leveling on our blizzlike realm and transfer at a later time.

    – Lora

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