VirusScan detects Noob Killer as a trojan?

And yes, that’s a question mark at the end of this post’s title.

I have been using Noob Killer since January 2008 and I find it very useful in cleaning  spyware, malware, and virus infested Windows XP systems without reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system.

A while ago I was wondering where the Noob Killer’s executable went while I was copying the program from my flash drive to the computer I was working on. It turns out that it was automatically “cleaned” (deleted actually) by the computer’s anti-virus: McAfee’s VirusScan Enterprise.

I did a manual scan on a zipped Noob Killer to check and see the details of what McAfee detects in Noob Killer. Click the following image for the screenshot.


NOD32 and AVG does not detect Noob Killer or any of its files as a trojan. Will try to check with other anti-virus software. Ironically, I have to disable McAfee to use Noob Killer and clean a malware that VirusScan can’t detect in that computer’s hard drive.



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4 responses to “VirusScan detects Noob Killer as a trojan?

  1. good site and good information

  2. jack

    hi how to use noob.killer version because my avira antivir always detect HIDDENEXT/Cypted and many more exe files? how to avoid that please…

  3. You can use to confirm if it IS true. VirusTotal uses a LOT of AV programs to scan uploaded files so you might get great results from there.

  4. dave

    Thanks so much for the article writer and warning about this absolute dangers and detection in my system.

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