Found Cubao Expo on Pelicola

Cubao Expo (Photo from Cubao Expos Multiply site)

Cubao Expo (Photo from Cubao Expo's Multiply site)

It was only after I browsed Pelicola and watched this teaser clip that I got curious about Cubao Expo. Cubao X, as some would refer to it, is the former Marikina Shoe Expo located between the Araneta Bus Terminal and Puregold along Gen. Romulo St. in Araneta Center, Cubao.

Not exactly a mall or a commercial arcade, Cubao Expo serves as a haven for artists, intellectuals, thrift shoppers, activists, and for Filipino and alternative culture. (Watch the Pelicola Insider documentary here.)

What can you find in Cubao Expo? According to their blog:

“There are 4 full-service restaurants (including 1 that serves organic foods & vegan-friendly dishes), 6 thrift shops, 1 flower shop, 9 shoe stores (including 1 that provides custom-made shoe/boot/footwear services), 1 comic book store, 1 hopia & other Chinese-food delicacies store, 5 clothes & accessories boutiques, 2 mini-divisoria shops, 1 health & organic goods shop, 1 old-style beauty parlor, 1 tailoring/modiste shop, 1 fabric/textile/sewing goods shop, a locksmith’s little stand, the ubiquitous ukay-ukay shop, and 1 little shoe store.”

Cubao Expo manages to get inside your skin in the most delicious way possible… no matter that it’s your first time, your fifth, your fiftieth… there’s always something new, something pleasant, something that the blues can’t live in too long, because everyone here seems to know each other, and like each other, and there’s just no pretending otherwise. The tenants/shop-owners of Cubao Expo are notoriously full of character – some more memorable than others, but isn’t that what makes a place tick?

Whatever the reason, going to Cubao Expo will leave an impression, one that you will want to study up-close with another visit, and another, again, and again, and again.”

One of these days we’ll try to visit and check out Cubao Expo.

But before I got interested with Cubao Expo, I became curious about Pelicola first. The creators of this website describe ( as the first internet television site in the Philippines. You can find non-mainstream and alternative topics, issues, and interests discussed in its channels. You can also find stories and videos about the local OPM scene (may that be mainstream or underground) here. In fact, Wolfgang’s “Black Christmas Project” concert last year was exclusively aired on Pelicola.

Pelicola describes itself as a “combination of substantial journalism, bold filmmaking, and immersive online interactivity that gives a magnified view of your interests.”

Similar to regular TV, it has a variety of shows that are featured in increments of episodes and seasons. However, unlike regular TV, you can view a episode anytime, as soon as it has been released. features a collection of “gourmet” films that are stylish, powerful, and engaging. Each film boasts intimacy as the main backdrop, as one of’s main aims is to allow viewers to maintain a unique connection with the subject—one that is as up-close-and-personal as possible. Each show is an original production you will not find elsewhere.

And they have their videos on HD.


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