Downgrading the HP Pavilion s3380d Slimline PC

The main problem with downgrading the HP Pavilion s3380d Slimline PC from it’s original Windows Vista OS to Windows XP is the availability of system drivers. The only available software for Windows XP at the HP support site is the update for the LightScribe System.

After a couple of research and trials, I’m posting here all the links to all the drivers for the HP Pavilion s3380d to work properly in Windows XP.


Use the NVIDIA Forceware for 630i. Browse here and input the following:


Download the forceware that comes up after pressing “search”.


Download at the same NVIDIA website the driver for NVIDIA GeForce 7500LE. Browse here and input the following:


Download the driver that comes up after the search.

WIFI Driver

Instead of searching for a Lite-On driver, use the driver from RALink instead. Browse the RALink Windows XP drivers site, and download the driver for USB RT257x/RT2671/RT520x.


As for the audio driver, one that worked for the Slimline PC is the Realtek HD Audio Driver R1.61 which I downloaded from Softpedia.

The four drivers mentioned above should already cover all the yellow question marks popping up at Windows XP’s device manager.


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