Chester Bennington’s solo album

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A day after Linkin Park’s online premiere of “New Divide”, band vocalist Chester Bennington announced his solo project via a post at the social networking site Twitter. “Dead by Sunrise is coming out in the fall. The album is called Out of Ashes.. That’s my solo project” wrote Bennington in his Twitter profile last May 19.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, his bandmate Mike Shinoda said that the band is optimistic that Bennington’s solo album will be released by the end of the year. In the same interview, Mike Shinoda talks about the prospect of having Linkin Park’s new record out by next year.

“We’re hoping to have Chester’s solo album, which will be under the project title of Dead By Sunrise, out by the end of this year. And we’ll have a new Linkin Park record out next year” said Mike Shinoda in the Entertainment Weekly interview. “We definitely want to make a record that has a distinct identity that you recognize not only as a new version of Linkin Park, but as something that’s totally different from everything else that’s going on.”


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