Unite and Take Action


Filipino Youth, Unite and Take Action!

In these trying times, the youth and the nation have a moral and sacred duty to perform. The government’s resolve to self-perpetuation through Charter Change should prompt all patriotic and freedom-loving Filipinos to unite and take action.

We cannot remain silent or with our arms crossed. We cannot remain indifferent while our public institutions and our own future as a people and a nation are being devoured by political beasts in Congress and Malacanang. The stakes are too high for us to take a pass.

History teaches us that tyranny can never overcome the resistance of a unified people. Now is the time to stand up and vigorously defend democracy and the nation against government greed and lust for power.

Resist Arroyo’s tyranny!
Stop Con-Ass!
Stop Arroyo’s Cha-Cha!

Take part and make your voices heard:

People’s Protest vs Cha-Cha June 10, 5 PM, Ayala Ave. cor. Paseo de Roxas
Rizal Day Youth Concert vs Cha-Cha June 19, 7 PM, Tomas Morato

(From Kabataan Partylist)


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