Walk Down the Road

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Pelicola.tv, the country’s only internet TV is now streaming Cynthia Alexander’s live album “Walk Down the Road” on an exclusive Pelicola.tv video channel!

Here’s the musician’s profile from the Pelicola.tv announcement.

“Cynthia Alexander is one of the Philippines’ most revered musicians and songwriters today. From the moment she embarked on a solo music career, Cynthia has garnered critical acclaim for her original songwriting and remarkable skill on the guitar.

Cynthia Alexander and her band of exceptionally talented musicians Mlou Matute (backing vocals/ keys /kulintang), Simon Tan (bass), Charanjit Wasu (Tabla) and Rickson Ruiz (drums) and guest Kakoy Legaspi (electric guitar) with special performance by visionary violinist Coke Bolipata, breathed life into the music that the artist has inspired and ignited spirits through and through. Songs that have become part of lives such as “Hello Baby”, “No Umbrella”, “Motorbykle”, to name a few, and was recorded live by none other than veteran sound engineer Angee Razul.
The live album is a compilation of Cynthia’s three studio albums, and takes its title from one of her first and most beloved songs. An exciting experiment for Cynthia, had never before recorded live with her group. All three of her previous studio albums had been solo projects – she writes on her own, plays most of the instruments and is known as a meticulous producer. The live album is also seen as a way for her to honor the people who have been with her on and off stage for the range of her career.

Walk Down the Road is a celebration of over a decade of songwriting that the artist reflects on the themes of transformation and new beginning she hopes to convey with the live album.”

As of writing, the following songs are already online at Pelicola.tv:

01: Mantra |02: 108 Eyes |03:Kawikaan |04: Motorbykle |05: Hello Baby


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