Melissa tells her story of abduction and torture

In this two part video, listen to Melissa Roxas as she narrates the story of her abduction and torture by alleged members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines last May 19-25, 2009. Earlier today, she held a press conference (4:30 PM June 27, Los Angeles timezone) to describe the human rights abuses she endured while being held for six days in an alleged military camp. The press conference, which was held at the Echo Park United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, California was streamed live over the internet.

Melissa Roxas, an American human rights advocate of Filipino descent, is the first known American citizen to have become a victim of abduction and torture in the Philippines, a country which has drawn international condemnation for state-sponsored human rights atrocities. She is a member of BAYAN USA and HABI ARTS, a cultural group also based in the United States.

You can watch part two here.


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