KFC Employees Picket-Rally vs Massive Lay-offs

kodao_codesprint_logoEmployees of KFC staged a picket-rally at a branch in Matalino St, Brgy. Central, Quezon City. According to representatives of KFC’s “restaurant team members (RTMs)”, regular employees of the food chain nationwide were illegally dismissed en masse using an employee evaluation method involving the use of a polygraph machine. The laid-off employees believe that the scheme is the KFC management’s way of quickly replacing their regular employees with contractuals.



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2 responses to “KFC Employees Picket-Rally vs Massive Lay-offs

  1. kiko

    IPAGPATULOY NIO LANG YAN! wala talagang kwenta ang KFC

  2. In the Philippines, KFC seemingly means K-icking out and F-iring out of Crews indiscriminately. THe new icon for cruelty to employees would be the image of col. sanders. Quite disgusting !

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