“Dukot” screening at Montreal Filmfest

Found this on Malcom Guy’s twitter post, a link to the World Film Festival’s screening of “Dukot (Desaparecidos)” a film about extra-judicial killings in the Philippines written by Boni Ilagan and directed by Joel Lamangan.

They have actually posted schedules. Check the site out: click here. Boni Ilagan by the way is also a member of Kodao Productions and creative consultant for most of our videos.

Aside from “Dukot”, Ronaldo Bertubin’s “Last Viewing” will also be screened at the film festival in Montreal. PEP writes about “Last Viewing” as a comeback film of Janice de Belen, who is cast as a crematory supervisor who learns to deal with the death of a loved one. The film is written by Romualdo Avellanosa, who also wrote Bertubin’s Kurap Sikil and Lovebirds.



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3 responses to ““Dukot” screening at Montreal Filmfest

  1. I heard R18 film ang Dukot. Congrats! At least hindi na-ban as we all thought it would be. I can’t wait na mapanuod. 🙂

  2. Some say that the producers target December for Dukot’s regular showing. Pero more reliable sources say that the premiere is due this month.

  3. Allan

    It was so great. I hope you continue of making this kind of movie. Its very enlightening. Stop extra-judicial killing in the Philippines. justice for all the victims.

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