Kamikazee took the pledge


(Photo from Divs Mosquera)

Yep they have a new album, and they also have a new commitment. Kamikazee’s Jay, Puto, and Led took the pledge! Come and take the pledge! Browse www.panata2010.com.

Isang Milyon, Isang Panata

We will prove our generation’s political power by gathering one million youths in realizing one united pledge. By going out to register and vote in large numbers, we will steer our government in a new direction, the direction of change.

Let us join thousands of others youths nationwide. Let us target for 1,000 in every town to reach a million new registrants by the deadline on October 15, 2009. Our responsibility is not only to individually register but to encourage other youths like us to do so as well.

Isang milyong kabataang magpaparehistro. Isang panatang bumoto para sa pagbabago.

Take the pledge.

Let us know how the pledge is going in YOUR town. You can send us emails, SMS, photos, videos, or post your blog entries here. Or report back to our Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, Twitter, Plurk accounts.


We are youths and citizens who are controlled by nobody’s agenda but our own.

1M, 1P’s mission is to engage and encourage collective youth participation and build the political power of young people in order to achieve progressive change in the country.

1M, 1P aims to engage and incite young people to register and vote in the 2010 elections through fora, community events and activities and new media. It also aims to provide young people tools to identify, learn about and take action on issues that affect the nation.

1M, 1P seeks to empower young voters who want to step up, take collective action and claim our rightful voice in the political process, and most importantly, change the way politics in the country is done.

1M, 1P will focus on three phases:

Voters’ registration campaign: The youth vote comprises almost 40 percent of the entire voting population in the country. For this year, there are an estimated five million new registrants. The Commission on Elections targets to encourage three million first time voters to register by October 15. So far, only 841, 200 have registered.

The aim is to engage the youth to help out in encouraging one million new registrants. Let us register in large numbers! 1,000 per town = 1 million by October 15.

Youth Agenda: Let us all work to educate, engage, and mobilize young people to affect change and enact policy priorities in government. Elected leaders will come to understand that our votes were just the beginning, that we also demand results and are willing to push for them in new and creative ways. Our rallying question: Mga kandidato, ano ang inyong panata sa kabataan ngayon, habang at pagkatapos ng eleksyon?

Poll-watch training and Voters’ Education on Poll Automation: There is no denying, however, that Philippine elections is one of the dirtiest and most violent in Asia and the world. Cheating and vote-buying are rampant, while other prevailing conditions make election period a highly disenfranchising experience for many voters, both young and old.

Still, elections should be a democratic process where all Filipinos can register their voice, the sanctity of the ballot honored and respected. As this country’s young generation, we demand no less.

Panata naming bumoto.

Dahil ito ay di lamang payak na pagtatala ng mga pangalan

Ang pagboto ay pag-gigiit

Pag-gigiit sa ating tinig

Pag-giit sa kapakanan

At kinabukasan ng bayan

Panata naming bantayan ang boto.

Panata naming bantayan ang aming boto

Upang tiyakin na ang mga pinuno ay tunay na pinili

Ng sama-samang pagpapasya

Isang pagpapasya para sa totoong pagbabago

Panata naming kumilos para sa pagbabago.

Dahil ito, ang dakilang panata ng ating panahon.




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3 responses to “Kamikazee took the pledge

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  2. jake

    happy bday ermat

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