Dukot (Desaparecidos) premieres on Nov 19


Dukot (Desaparecidos) is scheduled to have its premiere screening on November 19. Here’s another trailer of this timeless and fearless film about human rights violations in the Philippines written by Bonifacio Ilagan and directed by Joel Lamangan.

Dukot (Desaparecidos):
Fearless and Socially relevant film!

FANTASTIC Sad Timely Gripping Great story-telling Tour de force performances from the lead actors (Iza Calzado and Allen Dizon)

This is the verdict passed on Dukot (Desaparecidos) by the foreigners as well as the Filipino immigrants who saw its world premiere at the recently-concluded Montreal World Film Festival. This is based on the true stories of desaparecidos those abducted political activists and later summarily liquidated.

Some call it the Orapronobis of the new millennium—the political film by National Artist for Films, the late Lino Brocka, which reflected the rotten political system of the turbulent 70s.

Dukot portrays the ever-present human rights violation and extra-judicial killings in the Philippines. Those who have seen the advance screenings of the said film say: Gutsy Uncompromising in bravely pointing an accusing finger on the real perpetrators of these human rights violations This is the kind of film I love to do, says multi-awarded director Joel C. Lamangan. After reading Boni Ilagans script, I saw the materials purpose and authority Its a singular honor to do this film project. As filmmakers, we have advocacies other than entertainment, to show reality and make our viewers think about social issues confronting us.

I never deny—I was myself a victim of human rights violation thats why this story is really close to my heart Palanca awardee and Dukot scriptwriter Bonifacio Ilagan was himself a victim of abduction and torture, when he was a student activist and political detainee. His sister was forcibly abducted and hasnt been found since then.

Its a dream-come-true—that a film of this theme and genre usually avoided by mainstream producers luckily gets produced. This is not fantasy This is based on actual incidents and real persons Boni relates. Dukot will be exhibited first in various cities in Australia: Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane and Canberra, through the auspices of Philippine-Australian Union Link (PAUL), Action for Peace and Development in the Philippines (APDP), Migrante Australia, Migrante Perth, Migrante Melbourne, Philippine-Australian Womens Association (PAWA) and Philippine-Australian Youth Generation for Justice at Peace (PhGen); in New Zealand (courtesy of Migrante Aotearoa); in Japan (courtesy of Tokyo Center for Japanese-Filipino Families and Kafin Migrante); and in Nagoya (through the Filipino Migrant Center). Screenings are also being arranged for HongKong. It will have special advance screening in Cebu and Davao. Dukot begins its Manila run on December 2, in time for the Human Rights Month celebration. November 19 Thurs is the premiere night with three screenings at UP CINE Adarna Theater supported and will be brought to us by Anak ng Bayan partylist.

Dukot stars Iza Calzado and Allen Dizon. Also starring are Snooky Serna, Emilio Garcia, Gina Alajar, Robert Arevalo, Felix Roco, Jim Pebangco, Raquel Villavicencio, Mon Confiado, Rico Barrera, John Apacible, Menggie Cobarrubias, Tony Mabesa, Richard Arellano, Benjie Felipe and newcomer Armaine Pagcu.

CDP Events and Entertainment Productions and ATD Entertainment Productions are co-producers.


Producers: CDP Events & Entertainment Production and ATD Entertainment Productions
Direction: Joel C. Lamangan
Actors: Iza Calzado & Allen Dizon with Snooky Serna,Emilio Garcia,Gina Alajar,Robert Arevalo,Felix Roco,Jim Pebangco,Raquel Villavicencio,Mon Confiado,Rico Barrera,John Apacible,Menggie Cobarrubias,Tony Mabesa,Benjie Felipe,Richard Arellano & Armaine Pagcu. Also starring : Ermie Concepcion,Pocholo Montes,Brian Arda,Christian Bondoc,Aris Lapuz, Leo Mier,Dennis Coronel.
Story & Screenplay by Bonifacio Ilagan
Executive Producer : Carina D. Pagcu
Supervising & Line Producer: Dennis C. Evangelista
Director of Photography: Monino Duque
Assistant Directors: Abdel Langit & Julius Alfonso
Production Designer : Edgar Martin Littua & Jens Peter Gaw
Music : Lucien Letaba
Sounds: Dodoy Ongleo
Publicity & Promotions: Dennis C. Evangelista & Lito Shalala Reyes
Production Managers: Maylyn Kaabay,Ellen Ilagan,,Bin Bondoc & Melon P. Antonio



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5 responses to “Dukot (Desaparecidos) premieres on Nov 19

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  2. Joanna C.

    Has this film been released on dvd yet?

  3. ana

    where can i watch the film? i am here in the philippines.

  4. can i have 3 questions?

    •How the social is conflict and order manifested in the film and give specific scene from the film.
    •How important is culture in understanding politics and leadership? How is it manifested in the film?
    •Give examples and social groups and social stratification in the film?


  5. jamie

    Si Ate Iza is making waves abroad rin because of her film – Dukot!

    Share ko lang yung link: Dukot makes waves abroad

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