Angel Locsin initiates online auction to support relief drive for Typhoon victims

ShopAndShareAngel Locsin and fellow celebrities launched Shop&Share – an online auction of items owned by celebrities, and with the proceeds to be used for the relief efforts for the victims of typhoons Ondoy and Pepeng that ravaged the country recently. As of posting, the website is up but still a work in progress. In the about page you can read the following:

When typhoon “Ondoy” clobbered Metro Manila and its sorrounding areas, hundreds of lives were lost, almost half a million people were displaced and millions of pesos in properties were damaged. Five days later, typhoon “Pepeng” came and delivered what was like a knock out punch to Northern Luzon and to other already damaged areas. Leaving hundreds dead and billions of crops destroyed, once again the Philippines is faced with a crisis that would seemingly take forever to resolve. Help would come as early as the day “Ondoy” hit Manila and it came from different sectors of society and even from unexpected places. Assistance in any shape or form was welcomed. But no matter how much support was being taken in, the destruction of two typhoons was enormous. To rebuild people’s lives and livelihood is a long journey. We hope to join in this journey.

Shop and Share is here to assist in rebuilding the lives of those who were affected by typhoons “Ondoy” and “Pepeng”. The items being auctioned were pledged by the celebrity supporters as their own committment to the rebuilding process.

Be a part of our way. Be a part of this auction.

Angel was one of the first celebrities to join and help in the relief efforts for the victims of typhoon Ondoy. She was with the Gabriela Women’s Partylist immediately after the onslaught of the floods and helped in distributing relief goods to the community of Brgy. Bagong Silangan. (Photo by Raymund Villanueva)




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16 responses to “Angel Locsin initiates online auction to support relief drive for Typhoon victims

  1. ana

    she is a very generous star!!

  2. anonymous


  3. mc dre

    ur truely an angel…..very good work keep it up and god bless

  4. daaguirre

    Very impressive and a very laudable project here…. Keep up the good work angel! You’re indeed angelic!

  5. Ava

    what site can i see the items?

  6. Browse it at

    You can already bid on some of the items on their website.

  7. i salute you.keep up the good work.god bless you always.

  8. what site can i see the items?

  9. anonymous


  10. ABY


  11. By the way guys, she always was a pro-people and women’s rights advocate. Read more about her advocacy here:

  12. piplo

    walang artistang ganyan ha!! kagaya ni angel. anne is also nice but angel is the best


    Hi angel ang bait bait mo talaga your the best keep up the good work please stay as sweet as you are.

  14. monahayra

    pwedi isali ni bea ung watch nya na red sa movie nya na i love you so…:)

  15. luisa andersson

    ms angel locsin is really a helpful very kind lady youre so beautiful in and out we admire you love you.

  16. How come you dont have your website viewable in mobile format? cant see anything in my netbook.

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