Blues for the 43

Free the 43 is a song for the 43 health workers illegally arrested and detained by the military.

Music and Lyrics by Carl Lopez / Arrangement by Renato Reyes and Aki Merced / Sung by Aki Merced / Guitars and Harmocia performed by Renato Reyes / Sound Engineering and Mixing by Karl Ramirez / Recorded at Kodao Productions

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Lyrics after the jump.

The Forty-Three

I got hold of the papers
And reeled from the news:
Forty-three health workers,
Abducted and abused

By military forces
“Protecting the State”,
‘Though they never did nuthin’
To be treated this way.

They were training poor people
To take care of their lives
And, in the eyes of the Law,
‘Twas a horrible crime.

But, when they were at storm-fronts,
Providing free aid,
Nobody even bothered
To ask ’em their names.

Blindfolded and handcuffed,
Dragged into jail;
Restless, and unknowing
Of what horrors lie in wait.

As though low’r than animals,
They’re fed and made to crawl.
Surrounded by armed men,
They are pinned ‘gainst the walls.

What ever did they do
To deserve such a fate?
Is helping poor people
Treason against the State?

Since you got no proof
Of their “conspiracy”/ This we plainly see
We demand of you now:

The Forty-Three


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2 responses to “Blues for the 43

  1. Da Blues for the 43….bravo! Aki….long time na.

  2. Tine

    Nice. Go Aki.

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