Made it through the semi-finals, please vote for my song: send CNV RB3 6 to 2861

Ceaser R. Vallejos, Chief Marketing Officer, Net-25 (left); Nikki, host of Convergence (center); and the grand finalists (from L-R) - Erzon, Me, and Junn Esteban

You can now listen to it by following this link:

My song entry for Net-25 Convergence’s Rock the Beat song writing contest made it through the semi-finals yahoo! I will be performing again with fellow grand finalists Erzon, and Jun Estebann and his band Bookid. \m/ Rakenrol! Click here for the photo album.

Please vote for my song entry by texting CNV [space] RB3 [space] [number of votes] and send to 2861 (all networks). For the [number of votes] you can put in 1, 5, or 6 which is equivalent to 2, 15, and 20 pesos respectively. For example, texting CNV RB3 6 to 2861 will add the maximum of 6 votes to my song entry. Voting ends on August 1, 2010. Thanks!

Complete mechanics and details at the Net25 site.



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6 responses to “Made it through the semi-finals, please vote for my song: send CNV RB3 6 to 2861

  1. Go go go Karl!Did you perform with Rivermaya? \m/

  2. Nope. Rivermaya was unable to attend. Drummer was sick. A lot of flat notes Tine, as in. 😦 Weeeew!

  3. Naka top 3 ka pa rin naman. O diba.

  4. agnes

    karl, ang galing, pwede k=ba ito ma burn para mapakinggan ng mga co teachers ko? tapos makakapag campaign ako para sa text nila???????? pamangkin ata namin si karl o di ba? na forward ko na email mo sa family members namin. ganda pati lyrics sana manalo ka sa finals. number 1 ka yehey!!!!!!! GALING GALING NAMAN HENYO KA NA RIN

  5. erni

    karl, ganda! pano ma-download to para maparinig nga sa opisina. bagal kasi ng buffering, 10 years

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