Convergence: A song for this tech-savvy generation; Vote by txting CNV RB3 6 to 2861

Convergence is a song that calls out to this tech-savvy generation to use technology not just for personal satisfaction but to bring forth better tomorrow to the Filipino people.

The song by the way made it to the grand finals of Net25 Convergence’s Rock the Beat songwriting competition. So if you believe that change in our society is possible, or that info-tech can indeed be used for the Filipino’s better future, or if you simply love listening to my song, please vote for it by texting:

CNV <space> RB3 <space> 6

to 2861. Voting is open to all networks and ends on August 1, 2010.

Other information regarding Rock the Beat can be found at the Net25 website ( and at the Convergence online forum ( The embedded player above is using the audio file directly at the Net25 website. Lyrics also posted at the Convergence online forum.


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