Camp Notes and Quotes: Lipad

Lipad is a collaborative work produced in an adrenaline rush buzzer beating 24 hours, hehe! And that’s Rico Blanco in the seat listening and rocking to the song side by side with repapips of Row4: Ebe Dancel, Top Suzara, Gabby Alipe, Chito Miranda, and Yael Yuzon. Video came from Wigs Vergara’s camera. Pero syempre iba ang videographer. Wigs, fill me up on this one.

Before the 1st day ended we were color grouped and instructed to write a song that will be performed in the solidarity dinner of the next day. Inspirational ang tema na nabunot ng aming grupo. An artist was assigned to every group and Yael (above) of Spongecola was our, ehem, kuya.

Our first attempt to produce the group song project ended up with a couple of lyrics and a number of melodies pero feeling naming lahat parang may kulang. Yes buo na yung kanta pero parang pare pareho kaming nakukulangan at clueless kung ano nga ba ang kulang. And then Jim Paredes passed by and we auditioned the song to him. He gave enlightening comments and told us “Feel free to put my opinion and comments in the trash bin guys!”. We were damn confused what to do next kaya natulog nalang kami.

The next day sinunod namin si Jim at binasura namin lahat. Nope not his comments. We treasured his comments. Yung kanta ang binasura namin. Right-click delete ba. Suddenly our minds were all in harmony writing the song you are now listening to. Most parts of the song and even the DADDAD tuning riff were written while on the service van from Bahura resort to Lake Balanan.

Lipad was performed with Wigs and me on guitars (I did chords in the DADDAD tuning and Wigs on standard), and Kim, Marc, and Kishin on vocals. I did the second vocals for the soaring chorus parts and Kishin performed the kubing on some parts. Si Yael naman ang bouncer. His suggestions helped a lot in fusing our ideas together. Yep parang bouncer, kapag nagkakagulo na he’s there to ensure the groove. One groove. Astig!

Lavander was in unity. Our minds were in sync. We all agreed it was a test we did complete with full participation of our heart and soul.


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  1. I love reading the thoughts of the participants about the whole camp.

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