Tumugon sa Hamon

Heto po ang isang bagong awitin!

Tumugon sa Hamon calls out to everyone to look at the plight of the country’s working people and listen to their stories, grief, hopes and dreams. Join them as they collectively struggle for meaningful wage and their basic labor rights, including better working conditions and the right to organize.

The song was written for the Church People and Workers’ Solidarity, a conference that aims to strengthen cooperation and solidarity between church communities and workers.

You can stream and download the song for free at Reverb Nation but if you want to support the music and this makabayang OPM artist contribute a bit via Paypal at the song’s BandCamp download.

The icon on the left by the way is a photo taken by Kodao Productions’ Raymund Villanueva. Salamat Bukaneg!


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  1. More songs to express solidarity of working people in the Philippines.

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