Interview with Open Source Enthusiast, Indie Songwriter and Human Rights Activist Karl Ramirez

Thanks Suzanne Bowen and PinoyKubo!

Just a few weeks ago, we interviewed another extraordinary human rights activist, independent song writer, and musician, Karl Ramirez, of the Philippines. He grabbed my attention with the following words and more so that I recorded an audio podcast interview with him, “I really think when people are organized and united for a certain cause, they have a certain strength to build a better country, to build a better community.”

PinoyKubo Team receives hundreds of suggestions each month when we ask for help in finding innovative and inspiring persons from the Philippines anywhere in the world that we can interview and share news, accomplishments, advice, and experience. Someone sent us to and said, “You have to go listen to the music of Karl Ramirez. The lyrics tell stories, real stories, about a side of life in the Philippines that most people don’t know about and/or maybe don’t even care about.”

Listen to the podcast here.


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