A whiff of fresh air for the radicals’ ears

Thanks for the review John!

I was browsing Facebook when I stumbled upon Karl Ramirez‘s page. I have known him earlier from my friends, but I only remembered his name when I saw the page. I checked out some of the songs, and I was instantly hooked.

I was listening to radical songs since my first exposure to it when I became connected to the radical student movement in our school. However, for someone who was accustomed to listening rock/metal/ and other heavy stuff, the popular radical songs within the activist circle is not quite a comfortable listening for me. Many of these songs usually employ the folk, Bob Dylan-ish musical form (with the guitar as the main accompanying instrument, and a few ticks of percussion) which became popular during the 70s and usually has lyrics about the experience of workers, peasants and other marginalized groups in the country. Generally, the songs have simple accompaniment and structure, and lyrics are more or less straightforward.

via Karl Ramirez: A whiff of fresh air for the radicals’ ears.


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