Final Episode of the CDRC radio program at Radyo Veritas

Maraming salamat CDRC at Radyo Veritas! Read CDRC’s post.

CDRC concluded its last episode on Radio Veritas (DZRV 846 khz) last March 9, 2012 after more than three years of airing. The radio segment is part of the project: Enhancing Flood Preparedness and Helping the Survivors of Super Typhoon Reming Help Themselves. The project and the radio segment, which started in 2008, were funded by Caritas Switzerland as part of its advocacy on disaster preparedness and mitigation.

For the final episode, the musician who composed and produced CDRC’s radio theme song — Karl Ramirez — graced the studio for a live rendition of the song. CDRC’s staff were also present to thank and say goodbye to all the listeners. Despite it being the last episode, CDRC and its Regional Centers will continue to report or feed information to Radio Veritas on the latest news and issues related to disasters and the environment. CDRC is also planning to continue producing special episodes via the internet or through Podcasts.


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