Ric O’Barry investigates Dolphin Island Misamis

Along with Trixie Concepcion of Earth Island Institute Philippines and Ric O’Barry, the environmentalist in the 2010 Academy Award feature-length documentary The Cove, we went to Misamis Occidental last September 12 to investigate a so-called dolphin rescue and rehabilitation facility called Dolphin Island at the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park (MOAP). Here’s an excerpt of the trip. We were able to get there with the help of the provincial government.

We’ll post highlights of O’Barry’s RP visit soon. But for now, help us spread this short excerpt and Earth Island Institute Philippines’ End Captivity Now! documentary. Thanks!


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One response to “Ric O’Barry investigates Dolphin Island Misamis

  1. Angie Hewitt

    This horrible thing has to stop. Ric knows best, these dolphins and all like them need to be released and set free. These people are only after money, they don’t care about the dolphins. The government every where should take a stand and not let this happen anymore.

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