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In Solidarity with Ric O’Barry (A Documentary)

This short documentary follows the week-long visit of activist Richard O’Barry in the Philippines last September 2012. O’Barry, an activist against marine mammal captivity and the slaughter and capture of dolphins, is the star of the 2010 Oscar Award-winning documentary “The Cove”.

Watch as O’Barry travels from Manila to Misamis Occidental, convincing officials and negotiating with leaders in pursuit of releasing captive dolphins in a certain facility. Follow him as he gathers support for a local legislature banning field trips to dolphin amusement parks.

Watch as he moves from one place to another, adding his vibrant voice to the campaign and raising to a higher level the struggle of all freedom and dolphin loving Filipinos against captivity and dolphin shows.


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Ric O’Barry investigates Dolphin Island Misamis

Along with Trixie Concepcion of Earth Island Institute Philippines and Ric O’Barry, the environmentalist in the 2010 Academy Award feature-length documentary The Cove, we went to Misamis Occidental last September 12 to investigate a so-called dolphin rescue and rehabilitation facility called Dolphin Island at the Misamis Occidental Aquamarine Park (MOAP). Here’s an excerpt of the trip. We were able to get there with the help of the provincial government.

We’ll post highlights of O’Barry’s RP visit soon. But for now, help us spread this short excerpt and Earth Island Institute Philippines’ End Captivity Now! documentary. Thanks!

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End Captivity Now!

End Captivity Now! is a short documentary produced by the Earth Island Institute Philippines about marine mammal captivity in the Philippines. The video talks not just about the situation of dolphins and other marine mammals in captivity but also about what we can do and has already been done to put a end to the captive animal “entertainment” industry. Learn more about the campaign at


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