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Kilab! A song for and named after an awesome alternative media group

A collaboration inspired by the successful summit of alternative media organizations and practitioners.

Check out KILAB, a song written by Edge Uyanguren and performed with yours truly, dedicated to and named after an independent, alternative, and awesome media group in Mindanao.


You can download your copy of the MP3 here:

“Kilab” is written by Edge Uyanguren, arranged and produced by Karl Ramirez, and performed by this makabayang pop-rock duo.


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Tipid ka nga ng tipid. Taas naman sila ng taas.

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On the occasion of the President’s 3rd State of the Nation Address (SONA), the Concerned Artists of the Philippines urge Pres. Aquino to free all political prisoners. CAP also call on artists and fellow Filipinos to heed the call for freedom.

The Camerawalls

CAP  launches “Awit ng mga Detenidong Pulitikal”, calls for freedom of all political prisoners

On the occasion of the President’s 3rd State of the Nation Address (SONA), we urge Pres. Aquino to free all political prisoners.  We also call on artists and fellow Filipinos to heed the call for freedom.

In solidarity with Ericson Acosta and other political prisoners who are currently on hunger strike/fast, the Concerned Artist of the Philippines (CAP), in cooperation with The Camerawalls, launches today the song “Awit ng mga Detenidong Pulitikal.”

The song depicts plight of political prisoners, who they are and what they are fighting for. The CAP particularly calls for the release of Ericson Acosta, artist, poet, thespian, musician and writer who was arrested on February 13, 2011, while doing research on human rights research. As an artist, Ericson chose to work with the poor and oppressed.  At that time of his arrest…

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The price hikes next week bring us ever closer to the highest ever price of P60 per liter recorded in 2008. And Malacanang is still not taking any decisive action to rein in oil prices and give the people relief … No wonder the term ‘noynoying’ has caught on. —Renato Reyes, Jr., BAYAN

Ayon sa, ang Noynoying ay: ang pagiging tanga at nakatungaga sa panahon na dapat may ginagawa ka. Kung wala ka nga namang ginagawa sa kabila ng maraming kailangan gawin, tiyak na maihahalintulad ka sa nakaupong presidente ngayon ng bansa. At kung ikaw ang presidente ng bansa, ‘wag ka nang magtaka kung mapuna ka kasi hanap ng tao ay pagbabago.

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Help Typhoon Sendong Victims! Help Northern Mindanao!

Help Northern Mindanao

What to donate? Drinking water, ready-to-eat food in easy-to-open containers, medicine, toiletries, sanitary pads, soap, shampoo, infant needs, baby bottles, milk, diapers, clothes, mats to sleep on, blankets.

Where and how to donate? Bayan Muna Partylist partnered with LBC Foundation so we can send our relief goods to Typhoon Sending affected areas for free. Do the following:

  1. Pack your goods properly.
  2. Bring to LBC TIMOG Branch (in front of GMA 7).
  3. Look for the manager, MS. Gina Torre.
  4. Fill in the form with the following info: Consignee: PANDAY BULIG, Cagayan De Oro City

Let’s all make our holidays more meaningful, help Mindanao! Tell your friends, spread the word!

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Salamat Tine for supporting & promoting the Makibaka CD!

Do you part: Support Progressive Pinoy Art ALTERNATIB NA, MAKABAYAN PA Karl Ramirez, protest artist and a personal friend of mine, has recently released his first album “Makibaka.” From winning Net25’s Convergence song-writing contest using only his voice, guitar and music-arranging software to becoming a favorite performer during cause-oriented concerts and events, Karl and his intelligent lyrics have … Read More

via Tine.

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Start in our own backyard, Free the 43

Inquirer.Net But while Mr. Aquino seems to be passionate in working for the release of Suu Kyi, he does not seem to be very concerned about the detention for the past nine months by government forces of 43 health workers … From all indications, the arrest of the 43 was highly irregular and unjust. The President himself said a review of the case showed that the soldiers who raided the resthouse had an arrest warrant for only one person who was not even at the resort at the time.

Yes, it’s not just Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma who should be freed. Let’s start in our own backyard. “Free the 43!”The Philippine Daily Inquirer Nov 9, 2010 Editorial Photo from

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