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Adobe Premiere CS4 Updates (4.01 and 4.1)

Premiere CS4 Logo PreviewFor those who installed Adobe Creative Suite 4 and got frustrated with how slow (yes, slower than CS3 and even CS2) Premiere Pro CS4 handles its realtime rendering when previewing an un-rendered timeline, here’s the good news: updates are out and they definitely patched Premiere Pro CS4 back on track.

CS4 is Adobe’s first Creative Suite enhanced for 64-bit operating systems. Reviews say that installing CS4 on a 64-bit Windows (my OS is a 64-bit Windows 7 RC build 7100)  increases its stability and performance, especially of Premiere Pro.

Here are the updates from the Adobe website. Patch with 4.01 first then 4.1. Have fun!

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.0.1 update
Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 4.1.0 update


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Error: AsioHost.cpp-709

I encountered this error yesterday while editing a project in Adobe Premiere Pro 3, the version that comes with the Adobe Creative Suite 3. Instead of reinstalling CS3, I found this solution from the Adobe Premiere Pro Wikia that worked in resolving the error:

(Christian Jolly’s post) This issue appears to be eliminated when you remove crossfades from between 2 disabled audio clips on the timeline… remove the crossfades without moving the CTI (just zoom in and remove them) and you’ll have no problems… (if) it still trips up, try closing PPro and reopening.

Read the rest of the discussion about the error here.

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Downgrading the HP Pavilion s3380d Slimline PC

The main problem with downgrading the HP Pavilion s3380d Slimline PC from it’s original Windows Vista OS to Windows XP is the availability of system drivers. The only available software for Windows XP at the HP support site is the update for the LightScribe System.

After a couple of research and trials, I’m posting here all the links to all the drivers for the HP Pavilion s3380d to work properly in Windows XP. Continue reading

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VirusScan detects Noob Killer as a trojan?

And yes, that’s a question mark at the end of this post’s title.

I have been using Noob Killer since January 2008 and I find it very useful in cleaning  spyware, malware, and virus infested Windows XP systems without reformatting the hard drive and reinstalling the operating system.

A while ago I was wondering where the Noob Killer’s executable went while I was copying the program from my flash drive to the computer I was working on. It turns out that it was automatically “cleaned” (deleted actually) by the computer’s anti-virus: McAfee’s VirusScan Enterprise.

I did a manual scan on a zipped Noob Killer to check and see the details of what McAfee detects in Noob Killer. Click the following image for the screenshot.


NOD32 and AVG does not detect Noob Killer or any of its files as a trojan. Will try to check with other anti-virus software. Ironically, I have to disable McAfee to use Noob Killer and clean a malware that VirusScan can’t detect in that computer’s hard drive.


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Noob Killer malware cleaner

For those who have their Windows XPs infested with a lot of viruses, malwares, spywares, trojans, and worms here’s a very useful utility: Noob Killer. Paki-extract, run the NoobKiller.Leerz.exe file and click on 8X. Then use something like Tune-Up Utilities to clean-up the remaining garbage on your system registry and startup. Will write a full review later.

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