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An Engineer for the Masses

Today is my father’s 65th birthday. I am reposting the tribute me and Marion wrote for Ingenium, the annual publication of the UP Alumni Engineers. This essay was first posted online on my father’s blog and was printed on Ingenium 2007. Before the final version was published, we of course solicited criticisms from Monram himself. Hehe!

Monram's classic pose. This was the photo used for Ingenium 2007.

Monram's classic pose. This was the photo used for Ingenium 2007.

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At doon po sa Payatas

I stumbled upon an essay I wrote in 2000 for the old Agham-Youth website while I was googling a while ago for Agham-Youth’s new website (which sadly I was unable to find).

This was written as a documentation of our organization’s activity. I was the chairperson then of Agham-Youth UP Diliman and one of the activities we held after the Payatas tragedy in July 2000 was an exposure trip to the urban poor community in Payatas to better understand the situation.

After writing and posting the article on the web, a correspondent from the UP web portal emailed me asking for permission to repost the article on their site. Nine years after, only the post remained online.

The pictures used in the post were shot using my father’s Olympus digicam. I think this was his second digital camera (his first was also an Olympus digital camera, and his Canon SLR was third). The last set of photos I took with this digital camera (before the retracting lens failed to rectract) was our baby Elian’s birth in 2008. I’m still looking for the originals of our Agham-Youth photos.

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