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Ka Satur at ang Magsasakang Pilipino

Coming from a peasant family in Sta. Rita, Pampanga, Makabayan senatoriable Satur Ocampo brings with him to the Senate the Filipino farmers’ aspiration for an abundant harvest, genuine agrarian reform, and social justice.


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For our children’s progressive future

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Be a fan of Ka Satur, join the club, contribute!

Be a fan, contribute content and help spread the word! Join the Filipino people in bringing change to the Philippine Senate! Ipanalo ang pagbabago, Satur Ocampo sa Senado!

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Ka Satur’s First Internet Sortie

Makabayan senatoriable Ka Satur Ocampo enjoyed answering questions from Filipinos all-over the world in his first ever “Internet” campaign sortie organized by politicalarena.com.

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Kapit-bisig sa pagbabago

“Kapit-bisig sa Pagbabago” is the official theme of Pagbabago’s People’s Criteria. Composed by Dreamworker Too, arranged by yours truly, and performed by Walkie Miraña, me, Dreamworker Too, and  Batang Thomas Tay.

A trailer version of the song was used for Kodao’s coverage video of the Philcoa street launching of People’s Criteria. Check it out and the lyrics after the jump. Continue reading


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Kamikazee took the pledge


(Photo from Divs Mosquera)

Yep they have a new album, and they also have a new commitment. Kamikazee’s Jay, Puto, and Led took the pledge! Come and take the pledge! Browse www.panata2010.com.

Isang Milyon, Isang Panata

We will prove our generation’s political power by gathering one million youths in realizing one united pledge. By going out to register and vote in large numbers, we will steer our government in a new direction, the direction of change. Continue reading


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Garci returning for the 2010 elections

Reposting from the Computer Professional’s Union post.

Press Release, 7 April 2009

Computer professionals envision an automated Garci returning in the 2010 elections

“Cheating and fraud in the 2010 election will be swift and simple for the likes of Garci through the automated election system (AES) the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) is striving to implement”, asserts the Computer Professionals’ Union (CPU). In 2010, Garci will return and will be more sophisticated in his cheating schemes with his expertise in computer technology. Garci will operate far better than the fraud he performed last 2004 national election. This will give him and his cohorts more reason to “lol—that is, laugh out loud”. Continue reading

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