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In Solidarity with Ric O’Barry (A Documentary)

This short documentary follows the week-long visit of activist Richard O’Barry in the Philippines last September 2012. O’Barry, an activist against marine mammal captivity and the slaughter and capture of dolphins, is the star of the 2010 Oscar Award-winning documentary “The Cove”.

Watch as O’Barry travels from Manila to Misamis Occidental, convincing officials and negotiating with leaders in pursuit of releasing captive dolphins in a certain facility. Follow him as he gathers support for a local legislature banning field trips to dolphin amusement parks.

Watch as he moves from one place to another, adding his vibrant voice to the campaign and raising to a higher level the struggle of all freedom and dolphin loving Filipinos against captivity and dolphin shows.


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Gloc9 for Kabataan Partylist

Two of my favorite Filipino rappers: Francis M (left) and Gloc 9 (Photo from flickr)

Gloc9, one of my favorite Filipino artists, raps for Kabataan Partylist. Music by Kiwi. Photo from this link.

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Kamikazee took the pledge


(Photo from Divs Mosquera)

Yep they have a new album, and they also have a new commitment. Kamikazee’s Jay, Puto, and Led took the pledge! Come and take the pledge! Browse www.panata2010.com.

Isang Milyon, Isang Panata

We will prove our generation’s political power by gathering one million youths in realizing one united pledge. By going out to register and vote in large numbers, we will steer our government in a new direction, the direction of change. Continue reading


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June 19: Youth Action Day


“There is no better date to showcase youth unity and love for nation than this coming June 19, Rizal Day. Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan, hindi para sa bukas pa kundi ngayon na when our youth are being confronted with tyrannical attempts to discard our democratic rights.” — Kabataan Partylist Representative Mong Palatino. June 19 is also the day Kabataan Partylist was founded.

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Unite and Take Action


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Register to vote on 2010


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The Tragedy of Philippine Education


Here’s Kabataan Partylist Representative Mong Palatino’s first priviledge speech delivered yesterday at the House of Representatives. Photo from the League of Filipino Students website. Continue reading

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